So I’m at the MN State dance show today. A really large and loud celebration of life and youth and vibrancy. I feel lumps in my throat when I watch her dance. This has been a hard year for her and the dance floor is the place I see her most alive.


During the break, I got a text that my coworker was killed this morning on her way to work. We haven’t known each other long but the sheer shock and awe of a text like that sitting in such direct contrast of the sort of event I’m at is a little hard to swallow. A little hard to pull together.

On the one hand, the girls hold a real chance of taking home gold tonight. And that would be a cherry on top of an already good season. On the other, it occurs to me that I won’t be seeing Dana’s silver Kia Sol in the parking lot or hearing her sharp one-liners and wisecracks over the radio any more.

Bill snapped this photo of me and the girls in between prelims and finals today and as I look at it, instead of doing what I ordinarily do – nit-picking my frozen image and wishing away my square chin and corny “photo” smile – I see life. Me and three of the humans who mean the most to me. Life. So precious. So fleeting.

Such frail creatures we are. We get up and go out and think we have life by the coat tails, but only God knows our hour. Only He has numbered our days.

Goodnight Dana. You will be missed.

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