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Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Physical

This is such a beautiful article because it affirms about 90% of who I am, reminding me that I’m not so much “broken” as I am “still in progress”.

I am sometimes struck by the amount of people who were once a prominent fixture in my life who are no longer involved in my life in any way.

Without investigation, at face value, this truth makes me automatically feel that there is something wrong with me or that I must be quite unlikeable at a very deep level.

But when I look closer with more remembrance of the occurrences that took place that lead up to our relationship’s eventual demise, the truth is plain and clear.

The Me that I once was is no more.

I am no longer the girl whose own feelings matter so little to me that they do not even register with me.
I am no longer the friend, sister, neighbor, etc that will hand out an endless supply of “get out of jail free” cards.
I can now easily spot and recognize abusive behavior, disloyal relationships, and patterns of manipulation.
AND I have finally become strong enough to eradicate these sorts of relationships from my life.

When I pause to evaluate each failed/ended relationship in question, each has the same steady patterns of boundary confusion and non-stereotypical abuse.

In short, the more the new Me has emerged, the more I have become like repellant to that personality profile.

“One by one we wake up, say no, and walk away forever.”



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